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Return to Local Control

In 1989, the State of New Jersey took control of theJersey City Public Schools because of mismanagement and low performance.  Jersey City became the first State Operated district tthough it was soon followed by Newark and Patterson.  Over the last ten years, different aspects of control have been returned to the locally elected school board such as Governance and Operations.  Over the last two years, a number of agreements and Improvement Plans were developed to finalize the full restoration of local control to the district's Board of Education. 


In the last five years, the District has met a number of pivotal indicators especially around increasing its graduation rate to nearly 80%, increasing the percentage of students achieving proficiency on state assessments and closing the gap between the district's overall performance and the state's.  On October 18, 2018, Superintendent Marcia V. Lyles and Board President Sudhan Thomas, accepted the final Transition Plan so that full local control will go into effect on October 25, 2018.

Letter to Dr. Marcia Lyles from Commissioner Repollet

Transition Plan--this plan lays out the expectations for the way Jersey City will run is schools.


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